D216 Multi Channel Digital Partial Discharge Detection System


Partial Discharge testing is a sensitive mean of assessing the quality or condition of insulation contained within the high voltage equipment. It can be caused by poor design, poor processing techniques, polluted environment on shop floor, manufacturing faults, mechanical damage or aging. D216 based on straight discharge detection principle is a versatile high performance  digital detector designed to make highly sensitive measurements on all types of high voltage  insulation systems. The ability to measure lowest possible levels of partial discharge  is termed as sensitivity of the PD Detector. Different products have different inherent acceptable levels of partial discharge ranging from 2pC to over 1000pC.

Multiple, independent channels mean inherent redundancy in case of a failure of a plug-in channel. The channels can be used in multiple configurations together.

IEC and IEEE/ANSI compatible PD Testing: The system hardware can be set to make measurements as per the frequency filter settings laid out in the latest versions of either the IEC or the IEEE/ANSI standards.

Pattern Acquisition and Display: The system allows true parallel acquisition of the partial discharge activity on all the multiple channels with simultaneously display.

D216 has built-in calibrator that allows calibration to be performed automatically. It injects a known PD signal from 1 pC to 1000pC into a PD test circuit to allow verification of calibration.

Software of D216 allows to generate the report by adding the company logo, customer and test object details. All measuring results, PD patterns, graphs and test object data can be saved on th hard disk or printed directly.




  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers



  • Real time measurement and display of all phases under test simultaneously.
  • Meets IEC 270 specifications
  • 25 Switchable Bandwidths
  • Built-in Calibration up to 1000pC
  • Direct reading of Discharge Magnitude in PC
  • Independently Switchable and Pulse Rotation
  • Ellipse/ Sine Wave/ Sine Loop/ Straight Line Display
  • Ellipse/Sine Wave/Sine Loop/Straight Line display
  • Optional External Calibrator
  • Software for measurement of IEC quantities also available as an option.