High Voltage Components


Coupling Capacitor & Voltage Divider

C Series Coupling Capacitors consist of one or more modular units rated up to 1600kV AC.


  • Special design provides a base load for High Voltage Ac Resonant Test Systems.
  • Allows separation of PD signal from High Voltage when used with impedance matching unit.
  • Allows measurement of AC Voltages at power frequency with an accuracy of ± 1%.
  • Base Frame is fitted with castors for mobility.
  • Supplied complete with Corona Spinning.





High Voltage Filter

High Voltage Filters are used in many of the PD test systems. They allow for a PD free constant connection in the high voltage circuit and can be used as the interface between the circuit under test and the PD detectors. Conducted interfering signals caused by the power supply are often damped only insufficiently by using a single-stage filter. The damping of these interfering signals can be improved if single-stage filters are enlarged by an additional stage to two-stage filters.

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High Voltage Standard capacitor

The SF6 Gas insulated Standard Capacitors comes with very low inherent

Tan Delta in the order of 1x10-5 is used as Capacitance standard in measuring bridge circuits to measure the dielectric Tan Delta of all types including Cables, Capacitors, Bushings, Instrument and Power Transformers. The SC series Standard Capacitors can also be used as the high voltage section of a Capacitive Divider. This allows high accurate voltage measurements e.g. Such as those required for loss measurement on Power  Transformer.





Cable Test Termination

TO Series oil insulated cable test terminations are used for AC testing as well as for partial discharge and tan delta measurement. Their main characteristic include easy handling, short cable preparation times and very short setup times, this is of great importance in routine test application .
The cable end can be away prepared from the test laboratory and the cables can be easily installed in the termination. KVTEK offers test termination up a rated voltage of 150 KV.