IT-21 Automatic Instrument Transformer Test System


The Model#IT-21 computerized Instrument transformer test set is fully automatic and user friendly instrument for fast, accurate measurement of instrument transformer (CT/PT/CVT) errors. It is designed for use in laboratories, manufacturing processes and quality control procedures. Present increasingly severe quality control requirements call for a higher degree of operating comfort and absolute reliability of the measuring equipment employed. Based on the latest design technology this instrument sets new standards of quality, reliability, convenient operation and simple maintenance. Its measurement ranges for current/voltage errors, phase errors and current/ voltage excitation are fully up to International standard requirements



  • Fully automatic suitable for all measurements at line/other frequencies.
  • Digital Instrument transformer test set does eliminates the need of bridge balancing which is an old      technique and is no longer required with modern digital instruments.
  • Provides protection against high voltage surges that may incur on failure of test object and stray electrical      fields.
  • Wide dynamic range allows measurement of CT's, PT's and CVT's of different primary and secondary      ratings.
  • 24 bit, 50 kS/s data acquisition system to read input signals with extreme accuracy.
  • Wide Dynamic range also allows compatibility with different ratios between test and standard instrument      transformers.
  • Allows measurements in a matter of seconds with dynamic averaging of 100 samples

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