K21 Digital AC/DC Kilovolt Meter

K21 Kilo Voltmeter is a fully automatic digital device for measuring AC and DC voltages. AC or DC signal detected automatically.

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  • AC Voltage: RMS, PEAK (Positive & Negative), AVG PEAK FACTOR (Positive & Negative), PEAK AVG, PEAK/√2
         (Positive & Negative), Frequency measurement.
  • DC Voltage: Auto polarity detection, Ripple, DC voltage.
  • Display waveform of the AC / DC Signal. FFT Linear and Log Display.
  • Measurement Range: 0 to 1200 kV
  • Input Voltage Range: 0 – 100 V
  • Frequency Response: DC to 1 kHz
  • Accuracy: + 1% of the rdg with Voltage Divider
  • K 21 requires a voltage divider output for measurements.
  • High Voltage Capacitive Divider divides the HV AC signal to a safe low level for the Kilo Voltmeter to read.
Rated Voltage 1200 kV AC
Capacitance 400 pF
PD Level < 5 pC