(MAS Series) – Online Transformer Moisture Absorption System


Generator, transmission and distribution transformers are some of the most critical and expensive assets in a power network. Moisture is a necessity in cellulose materials, but too much is absolutely detrimental to the service life of power transformers. Moisture, more specifically excessive moisture, has been enemy number one in power transformers utilizing cellulose insulation with insulating oil for a long time.

KVTEK developed a system (MAS10) that would remove moisture continuously in a gentle manner. A unique molecular sieve technique is applied to continuously remove moisture and particles from the transformer oil.

MAS10 system has the capacity to remove approx. 10 liters of water from a transformer before saturation, but the rate at which it will absorb water will depend on many factors, mainly, how much water is available in the oil, and the temperature range through which the transformer will operate. The design flow rate of the pumped oil is nominally 90 litres per hour to give maximum absorption through the molecular sieves.


Model No. of Cylinder Suggested Transformer Size Water Removal Capacity
MAS3 1 Less than 10 MVA 3 Litres
MAS10 3 10 MVA and Above 10 Litres
MAS30 3 50 MVA and Above 30 Litres



  • An economical and low maintenance system.
  • Easy to install energized transformer.
  • Uses rechargeable cylinders.
  • Continuous on-line removal of moisture removal from paper insulation as well.
  • On-line monitoring of temperature and moisture in oil.
  • Fully complies with IEEE standards C57-140-200, 7.2, Guide for the evaluation and reconditioning of liquid immersed power transformers.
  • MAS10 : Basic cost effective model displays only inlet and outlet ppm levels.
  • MAS10-H2M : Fully loaded with hydrogen monitoring system and displays total moisture absorbed, flow rate and temperature besides inlet & outlet ppm levels.