Recurrent Impulse Generator

Recurrent Impulse GeneratorRIC-500 Recurrent Impulse Generator is a low voltage equivalent of High Voltage Impulse Generator. Its wide range of applications includes the testing of models, the study of voltage distribution in high voltage windings during impulse voltage stresses and predetermination of the circuit parameters of impulse test plants. Tests can be performed quickly and reliably without endangering personnel. All impulse circuit elements and therefore, all impulse forms may be varied within broad limits. Voltage impulse may be observed and evaluated on any oscilloscope as a standing image.

The unit is especially suitable for:

  • Investigating the impulse voltage distribution in winding models of machines, transformers, reactors and instrument transformers.
  • Predetermining impulse circuit data, for instance the value of the front resistance of an impulse generator, which can be performed by connecting the actual test object.
  • Non-destructive testing of windings in dry state and under various impulse voltage conditions.
  • Insulation fault localization in windings.
  • Investigating transfer characteristics of measuring system.
  • Transient wave measurement in cables and models.
  • Training and experimentation in laboratories of technical colleges and electro-technical institutes.


All impulse circuit components are adjustable. The impulse shape can thus be fine-tuned within a wide range. Additional capacitors and resistors can be connected externally to permit operation with larger impulse capacitances and other resistance values. The peak value of the impulse voltage is established and continuously adjustable. The voltage impulse may be chopped internally within broad limits.