RF shielded room/ Farady cage

RF shielded room Farady cage


Panels: Modular panels are constructed from dual layer of electrolytically deposited zinc-coated steel sheets of 20 swg, sandwiched with 30 mm thick polyurethane. The walls, floor and ceiling panels are of the same construction.

Penetration: RF Shielded  room provides a complete range of RF penetration panels for signal N, UHF or BNC and special wave guide entries for water, air, gas or fiber optics.

Wave Guide Vents are provided for the penetration of pipes or any thing else in case needs to be taken inside the RF Shielded room.

Supporting Joints: W, U, H and Flat shape hardware made from 3 mm CRCA sheet  is used for joining the panels.

RF Filters: are provided for bringing in the power supply connection in the RF Shielded room.


Shielded Attenuation:

Magnetic Filed (“H”) : 70 dB 30 kHz rising to 110 dB 1 MHz and beyond

Electric Field:  100dB

Plain wave:  from 30 kHz to 1 MHz