Static Frequency Converter


SFC is especially designed for testing HV-devices, like MV-cables, bushings, all type of transformers and more; can replace motor-generator set. Therefore higher power is available and precise and short measurement periods are possible. A high efficient control reduces significant the normal high frequency distortions produced by fast switching semiconductors. Also available as mobile measurement system. SFC allows high power quality, precise measurement and short testing time.


The traditional method with Motor Generator Sets to test HV-devices means a lot of maintenance and installation work for the customer. Where once several MG-Sets were used, only one SFC is necessary for all IEC-standard tests.

Today testing requires more and more power what increases the cost of MG-Sets. The occurring high frequency distortion of fast switching semiconductors can be avoided by using special filter technologies.


  • Frequency selectable measurements (independly from each other)
  • Power range from 20 kVA up to 10 MVA
  • High frequency noise reduction using special filter- and PWM-technology
  • Harmonic current injection to test special transformers which are loaded with harmonics
  • Tests according IEC/ANSI for dry and oil transformers from 250 kVA up to 400 MVA
  • AC source for applied HV-tests
  • Special filtering and modulation
  • Remote diagnostics via Internet possible with LAN-interface on PC / Laptop
  • All safety functions and supervisions of hardware are integrated