Tank Type Series Resonant Test Set
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These are manufactured in the range of 50 kV to 400kV, 250 kVA to 16,000 kVA. Tank type systems are generally used when the output voltage is less than 250kV and also when multiple taps are required to meet the different load requirements at different voltages.

The advantage of tank type system for PD Testing is that the reactor can be built with feed through bushing. This allows the reactor and its associated accessories to be placed outside the shielded room with only bushing going inside it. This reduces the size of RF shielded room and in turn its cost.


  • Very low (real) input power is required for large output (reactive) power.
  • The output voltage is naturally filtered.
  • In the event of a fault in test object, the system detunes and the power follow from the mains is eliminated thus limiting damage to the fault site to a      minimum.
  • The system is operated in a controlled resonant condition so accidental resonant cannot occur.
  • Lower test equipment cost for system rated 250 KVA and above.
  • Reduced costs because of the substantially reduced input KVA required.
  • Lower installation cost for the power service because the load is at unity power factor.
  • Operating costs are reduced because input KVA requirement is low and mains unbalance is minimized.


PC Based Control System


  • Manual variation of the output high voltage with variable speed control.
  • Automatic raise of the output voltage to a pre-defined value with pre-defined speed.
  • Timers with START/ RESET switch for automatic switching off high voltage at pre-      selected time period.
  • Over voltage and over current protection with alarm indicator.
  • Multiple test sequence can be programmed (Optional feature).
  • Test voltage vs. time can be displayed in the form of a diagram. (Optional feature).
  • Display of all alarms and warnings.
  • Report Generation Software.