V Series Impulse Voltage Test System
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V Series Impulse Voltage Test System is a sophisticated design used to generate impulse voltages from 1400 KV to 6000 KV simulating lightning impulses and switching surges with energies up to 900 KJ and considers all requirements of industry, research & development centers, educational institutes and third party test labs.


  • Low internal inductance ensures high efficiency.
  • Easy & quick reconfiguration to meet different testing requirements. Front and Tail resistors being of same length can be interchanged thus allowing more       flexibility and wider range of load testing.
  • User friendly operation through computer controlled hardware.
  • Equipped with wave shaping resistors for performing full lightning, lightning chopped and switching impulse tests on wide range of loads. Special resistors       can be supplied for any impulse shape or load testing.
  • Automatic steel & insulating tape grounding device and security grounding system.
  • Alarm annunciation to display all fault conditions.
  • Filtered clear, hot air is constantly supplied through the enclosed sphere gaps while the system is operational to reduce misfires.
  • Reliable, accurate and fail safe triggering circuitry.
  • Load range can be extended using Glaninger Circuit, overshoot compensation, termination resistors and special wave shaping resistors.
  • The electronic measurement and control devices are designed and manufactured to meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements of electronic devices      in high voltage test bays which ensures trouble free operation.


HV DC Charging Supply

D200 - 0.20 (200 kV, 200 mA DC) Charging Power Supply comprises of:
AC Test Transformer (100 kV, 400 mA), Voltage doubling circuit, Silicon rectifiers for AC-DC Conversion, Thyristorized Voltage Regulator, Remote controlled Polarity Changing circuit, Resistive voltage divider of 200 kV, 300 M ohm and Automatic Earthing Switch. The supply is used for charging the stage capacitors. The DC Charging power supply is remotely controlled by WV23 computerized control unit.


Impulse Dividers

IDI Series Impulse Voltage Dividers (up to 6000 kV LI) are equipped with internal damped resistance. These impulse voltage dividers can be used to measure full lightning impulse voltages, front & tail chopped impulse voltages, switching impulses and AC voltages. They meet all requirements of IEC 60060-2, in particular those with respect to measuring accuracy and step response. Furthermore, all HV tests are carried out in accordance to the applicable IEC 60060-2 requirements (up to the limits imposed by our test system & premises). They can be used as a basic load for impulse voltage generators.





Impulse Shunts

These shunts are used for the measurement of impulse currents in high-voltage test labs. The measured wave shape of the current can be displayed on a KVTEK's impulse analyzing system IM212 / IM412.


Multiple Chopping Gaps

MCG series multiple chopping gap is used to chop lightning impulses on the front and/or on the tail. It also serves simultaneously as a load capacitor for the impulse generator and allows excellent reproducibility of the chopping time and does not distort the wave shape until the chopping point. The sphere distance is automatically adjusted and operated by the WV 23 Impulse controls.







Digital Impulse Control Controller

WV series Computerized control system is specifically designed for the needs of HV impulse testing. The system is running a Windows based operating software package. Safety systems are properly implemented into the system as independent external emergency switches, software alarms, closed loop feedbacks and status information for fast understanding. Control system can be used in fully automatic mode, semi automatic mode and also manual mode



Digital Impulse Analyzing System

The IM412 is a 4 channel precision digital impulse analyzing system (12bit) of the highest performance class with user friendly software and powerful curve analyzing tools along with report generating templates. Measurement evaluation and analysis of impulse voltages and currents can be performed according to all relevant standards i.e. IEC 61083, IEC 60060, IEC 60076, IEC 60099, and IEC 60230, for High Voltage Impulse Testing. Additional functionality tools for advanced testing are integrated. Additional analyzing software tools (Transfer function & Comparison) are available for fault analysis.







  • 12 Bit vertical resolution at 100 MS/sec.
  • Automatic evaluation of all common impulse parameters.
  • Report generation and customization. Logo updating features etc.
  • Easy and user friendly graphical user interface.
  • Software features like FFT, difference, comparison, use defined smoothing etc.
  • Fulfils IEC61083-1 and 61083-2standards.


Recurrent Impulse Generator

RIG-500 Recurrent Impulse Generator is a low voltage equivalent of a high voltage impulse generator. Its wide range of applications includes the testing of models, the study of voltage distribution in high voltage windings during impulse voltage stresses and the predetermination of the circuit parameters of impulse test plants. Tests can be performed quickly and reliably without endangering personnel. All impulse circuit elements and, therefore, all impulse forms may be varied within broad limits.




Impulse Calibrator

IC-500 Impulse calibrator monitor and calibrate impulse measuring systems by generating all key impulse waveform according to IEC 1083-1 & IEC60-2.
All range of measuring system cab be calibrate with the wide output voltage range.